Athletic Teams

Athletic Policy

Saint Lawrence’s athletic teams, which include Volleyball, Basketball and Track, are open to students in grades 3, 4 and 5.

The purpose of athletics at SLCS is to:

  • Develop good sportsmanship
  • Have an opportunity to participate
  • Learn skills
  • Improve techniques

Before a student participates in a practice, scrimmage or game, a Sports Physical must be on file.

All students will be given a chance to participate if they are on a team.

Practice and game times will be made available to parents as far in advance as possible.

Uniforms will be issued. Uniforms must be returned to school once the season is over. Parents should make sure that uniforms are washed regularly throughout the season.

A Christian attitude is to be displayed at all athletic events. We want to leave    opponents, referees and fans with a positive impression of SLCS. Athletes and their family members are to conduct themselves in a spirit of encouragement and support. City regulations mandate proper conduct by all in attendance.

Athletes who use foul language will be dismissed from the game or lose participation for one week.

Fighting or any other inappropriate conduct, either during an athletic event or otherwise, may result in dismissal from the team for one week at the discretion of the principal or the coach.

Athletes must maintain their scholastic standing. Those with a “D” or “F” in any subject on any quarterly report may not participate. The student may participate in sports once the “D” or “F” has been raised to a “C” or higher on the next quarterly report.

The principal and coach are held responsible for the behavior of players and fans.