School Cancellation / Closing

School Closings or Cancellations

The decision to close school for reasons of weather or for reasons relating to health will be made by the principal after consultation with the pastor.  In the event of excessive absences –30% of the students or more — the school may close.  Determining factors such as the day of the week, the number of student absences, and the number of absences among staff also will be taken into account.

Weather-related closings depend on existing conditions and predicted conditions.  The safety of students and staff will be considered first.  It is safer to keep children home than to bring them to school. Sending them home in adverse weather conditions in the middle of the day makes it difficult to reach many parents or other caregivers.  Please use your own discretion when coming to school in questionable weather.  Keep your children home rather than take a risk.  We have families in many surrounding counties.  Weather conditions vary from county to county, so please assess your own roads before traveling.

Scheduled School Days Canceled

The state requires us to attend school 180 days. If we were to fall below that number due to serious weather, the principal will schedule enough make-up days at the end of the school year or on other free days to assure that Saint Lawrence meets the state minimum. Check the current school calendar for built-in snow days.

Severe Weather

In the event of any severe weather (e.g., extreme snowfall, ice storms, high winds, or high water), the school could be closed.  Radio stations WLBC, WMDH, and WERK will carry closing or delay information.  You may also watch channels 6, 8, and 13 for information.  Such decisions will be made as soon as possible, and the principal will inform those stations as soon as it is possible to reach them.

If severe weather conditions arise during the school day, school personnel will take all necessary precautions to protect St. Lawrence students.  If it becomes necessary to dismiss students early, the principal will inform the radio/television stations listed above, and school personnel will phone as many parents as possible or those designated to be called in an emergency.  If a parent should determine that road conditions between home and school are too hazardous, by all means, they should exercise good judgment  and keep children at home, or wait until it is safe to travel.  Nothing at school is worth risking personal injury or damage to a vehicle.