Safe & Sacred

Saint Lawrence is committed to providing a safe environment for minors. In order to prevent misconduct of adults toward minors (including physical, sexual or emotional abuse), Saint Lawrence requires that every adult who works, volunteers, or associates with minors participate in a Working with Minors Protocol Training Class. This includes a training seminar and a Criminal Background Check.

All volunteers, staff, religious and clergy in the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana are expected to complete Safe & Sacred Safe Environment Training online.

The registration process will be the same for everyone:

1. Register online with Safe & Sacred and Barada, Inc. at:;

2. Complete the course: Protecting God’s Children in the 21st Century;

3. Review the Diocesan Protocol Training booklet online, hard copies of the revised booklet will be available upon request; and

4. Receive Certificate of Completion.

For a complete explanation of the Lafayette Diocesan Working with Minors Protocol policy, visit the Diocesan website ( Once on the site, click SAFE ENVIRONMENT at the top of the page and select ONLINE SAFE ENVIRONMENT TRAINING.