St. Lawrence Catholic School


St. Lawrence Catholic School is a faith filled community that provides a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade education based on Christian values. We provide an education that is sacred and academic, enabling students to proclaim their faith and transform the world. St. Lawrence Catholic School is a part of a larger parish community that welcomes and invites all interested families to join. St. Lawrence Catholic School is an Elementary School Serving the Muncie, Indiana Area.

Discover St. Lawrence School

Your child’s foundation for life starts here. These days, character development—the fortitude to make good decisions, strong work ethic, service to others, personal responsibility—is just as important as rigorous academics. At St. Lawrence Catholic School, your child gets both and so much more.

Life discerned with God’s guidance—everyday. Staff dedicated to growing faith-filled, service-oriented leaders. Personal development through multi-age teaching and role modeling. Energetic families working together to make our community and world a better place for their children—and yours. A small environment that prepares kids for the big things ahead of them.  Visit us today to learn more!